About Laura

Laura – the Middle Child


Born in the Midwest, Laura’s family moved to Washington state when she turned four; and Laura considers herself a model middle child.  Smack in the middle of five children, she’s a peace maker, care giver, organizer of events, and pretty much everything else a middle child represents — except Laura never feels left out, she simply does not allow it.  Living in the middle of things suits her just fine.


Early in life, God became very real to Laura.  God did not seem like an abstract figure that prayers floated up to.  He heard her prayers and cared about this little girl.  While still young, she gave her heart to God.


Determined to honor God with her life, Laura attended four years at Faith Baptist Bible College earning a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies, and whether at her secular job or organizing a church function — Laura loves surrounding herself with people.


For several years, Laura used her talent to speak at singles and women’s retreats, teach adult Sunday School classes, and write — children’s Christmas programs, articles, blogs, and books.  One day she realized her brother, Berkeley, who has Down syndrome, had a story she needed to share with the world, and she broadened her scope of writing and speaking to include Down syndrome.  


Considerable fear and misinformation exist about disabilities and the people who live with them.  With her experience as a middle child and as a sister to a brother with Down syndrome, Laura desires to take you by the hand, and lead you to a place of understanding, peace, and a closer walk with God.

If you are interested in having Laura speak at your next event, big or small, click here to contact her.