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Laura’s next project tells the remarkable story of her brother Berkeley, born in 1978 with Down syndrome, and her own journey as big sister.  This memoir will evoke tears in one chapter and leave you laughing in the next as you watch Berkeley triumph over life’s challenges in the most humorous ways possible.   


Nearly every chapter includes a “help” section for parents and another for friends/acquaintances.  This section addresses issues such as telling others about your special needs child, giving advice on what to say or not to say in a variety of situations, tips on how to navigate tricky situations, helping you understand the emotional demands on family, and so much more.  


Laura wrote Questions from a Single Heart to give a fresh perspective on singleness. Not a typical trust God, and all will be well book, you’ll find yourself connecting to Laura as you read stories about the predicaments she’s met as an unattached woman. She tackles tough topics like dealing with loneliness and the heartache of childlessness. She’ll also introduce you to a Bible character who encountered many of the same challenges you face and yet triumphed in spite of them. You will walk away from this book a changed person and with a new understanding of God’s amazing purpose for every person, alone or otherwise.


Do you believe finding contentment in your singleness would somehow change who you are and what you really want?


Does it seem like all books on singleness are boring, full of pontifications, and completely unrealistic?


Are you married and at times “don’t get” your single friends?


Find the answers to these questions and so much more in Questions from a Single Heart

Excerpt from Chapter Seven:  Why I’ll Never Be Alone


I will never forget the night I was awakened around 1:00 AM. by a loud thud inside my house followed by an ear piercing yowl from Mercedes the cat.  I didn’t need to see it to know what it was.  The thud sounded exactly like a body hitting the floor, and I knew someone was in my house and had just tripped over Mercedes.  The sound came from the dining room, just down the hall from my bedroom.


I sat bolt upright in bed.  My heart was pounding so hard I could hardly breathe.  Trembling, I stared at the bedroom door.  I knew I didn’t have time to call 911.  This was a situation I was going to have to deal with by myself.  I felt like I was going to vomit, but I swallowed hard.  I had to stay in control.  Please God, please, please God, help me…