Laura’s gifted storytelling immediately engages her audiences.  She follows her stories with content packed full of information and perception, so people leave with new insight into her subject.

From the ridiculous to the heart wrenching, Laura has always enjoyed telling a good story.  But don’t be fooled, her teaching of the Scripture is solid and evokes life changing behavior, and her talks around Down syndrome give hope and encouragement for the future.

A few of her most popular topics are:

Encouragement for the Future:  

How can I prepare and what does my future look like with a Down syndrome child?



This feel good talk about Down syndrome will let you cheer, laugh, and cry happy tears.


Fulfilling Dreams:  

Unique ideas for helping your Down syndrome child live their best life.


As long as I don’t act on it, it really isn’t sin, right?  Learn just how damaging jealousy is and how to deal with the wickedness of envy.



A timely topic for women in all stages of life.  Make God the center of your life to reach true contentment.



A path to self-destruction.


The path to real freedom.

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